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Photo by Ted Pereda

Identity is what defines who we are and it is what gives us a sense of belonging, but it is also what makes us unique individuals. Sometimes, our sense of self and relating to others is lost. These parts are often hidden away from the world, and sometimes covered up or manipulated by our subconscious. As humans, we create a multitude of personas that allow us to reveal only the parts we want people to see, while concealing elements of ourselves that we keep separate and secretive from society.


With the use of the veil, I expose the “other self” of the figure while simultaneously showing a psychological inner world hidden away and suppressed, but can never fully be divorced from our true selves. The veil appears in many different ways, but it is used in a way to physically represent both worlds, perceived and hidden, at the same time. I enjoy showing slices of reality with a psychological world hidden beneath it. Although the psychological world is artificial, it does not make our perception if it any less real in our minds. The veil is a vehicle to show something physical in an alternate, mental existence.

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